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whether you write more for frostiron or not i am so pleased you wrote BATW, thank you for doing so


Thank you so much. That’s so great to hear :D


Captain & Winter Soldier


Captain & Winter Soldier


Outfitting a hero: Captain America’s USO costume.

Initially when Captain America becomes Captain America he’s not released to go off and fight right away, he’s used kind of as a propaganda tool. He’s in this very silly Captain America costume, you know… tights. Chris Evans.

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hello we’re in 2014 and vegeta being an overly enthusiastic good father is still as hilarious a concept as ever



I usually don’t reblog these but oh my god

i love retail robin

That bird is on point.

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As I read your kind respons to an anon that you enjoy how they like rereading BatW for the second time around, I slowly retreat to the shadows as I think about how many times I mustve read it.... *whispers* about 7 times *DISSAPEARS IN THE DARK*


Hahaha, no worries. Makes me grin to hear it.

The darkness is a nice place to be if there is frostiron and space piracy. :D

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hi there, I'm re-reading BATW (one of my favourite fics) and I was wondering if you have any plans for more frostiron works?


No clue, to be honest. Inspiration might take me, but I have no plans set in place.

I’m happy you’re enjoying the story again and that you have fun reading it the second time around too :D

Why do people think that Loki was the poor little bullied child? Yes, he had people talk behind his back and most probably didn’t like him much. But poor little bullied boy? Nope.

No, he was the slightly strange prince with the weird interests you only talked about when you were absolutely sure he couldn’t hear you.

But somehow he did hear it! You can’t know where he’s hiding? Is he behind the wall, is he in some secret passageway in the ceiling? Is he invisible or hiding behind some illusion? Does he have some servants spy for him?! YOU DON’T KNOW!

But somehow the little bastard heard that you were talking shit about him (or Thor) and NOW YOU WOKE UP BUTT NAKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT YARD CHAINED TO A DOZEN PIGS!

And that little bastard is just standing there smiling. And that smile…

…you are scared of that smile…

You’d rather Thor heard you instead… he would have just beaten the shit out of you.