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I need you.

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fangirl challenge: female character [5/10] » frigga

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky

Tell me what the most heroic thing you’ve done in your own life?

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a compilation of drawings consisted of Ultimates! Tony/ MCU Tony :D

thanks to a certain fic that i will link back in here after i get some sleep, i am slowly shipping these two. i love the idea of cuddling and pure fluff when it came to this (new and RARE) ship huehuehue

i apologize i didn’t credit the author of the story that i took my inspiration  from sooner! ><;; the story is No Black or White in the Blue by MemoryDragon

i meant no disrespect, but i should have linked it at the first place, really sorry. can you guys reblog this one instead, so people can have the source too? thank you


DUM-E tries to make friends with the new robot arm, doesn’t realize there’s a person attached to it


DUM-E tries to make friends with the new robot arm, doesn’t realize there’s a person attached to it

I wouldn't mess with the scepter of Thanos.

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Someone made a victim blaming reply on my comment about the Bryan Singer sexual abuse law suit.

I explained to him why the “a 17-year-old should’ve known better” response is victim blaming and how he’s doing the whole “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape” thing etc. and how it’s the reason most boys and girls are afraid to report rape.

The shocked “holy shit, you’re right, I need to not do that” response I just got was very satisfying and proves again that most people can be educated about such things if you explain things to them without verbally attacking them for their ignorance.

And head’s up to everyone who goes to the comments sections of vids and articles about this. There is a lot of victim blaming going on.

Also, people are being sceptical whether it’s true or not. Obviously, I don’t know how the police investigation is going, but it’s funny how most people react with the “the guy must be lying for money” immediately. Of course it can be a lie, there is always a chance, but the fact that more people are willing to dismiss the claim outright in defence of Singer rather than hoping that the case will be thoroughly investigated is disconcerting.

I’m not saying it’s 100% true and that Singer is guilty, I’m just saying that the victim’s story has to be checked properly, instead of dismissing him as a gold digger right away. If Singer’s innocent, he has nothing to worry about.